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We’re committed to supporting the growth of suppliers, especially those belonging to diverse, local, and Indigenous communities. This means: 

  • offering more opportunities, comprehensive support, specialized programs and educational resources 
  • helping you better understand our processes, requirements and expectations

Why Partner with Us?

Enhanced Opportunities:

  • We offer a wide range of opportunities tailored to diverse suppliers. By collaborating with us, you gain access to a network of businesses and potential clients, opening doors to new and exciting ventures.

Comprehensive Support:

  • Our team is here to provide dedicated support throughout your journey with us. Whether you need help with the application process, understanding our procurement procedures, or navigating challenges, we’re committed to helping you succeed. Need help? Check out Help with the Procurement Process.

Specialized Programs:

  • Explore our specialized programs. They’re designed to enhance your skills, boost your understanding and foster sustainable growth. From mentorship initiatives to training workshops, we offer resources that cater to your unique needs.

Education and Awareness:

  • Understanding our processes is crucial for a successful partnership. We provide educational resources and workshops to ensure that you’re well-informed about our expectations. 

Indigenous Participation

We believe in working together with local Indigenous people, communities, and businesses. We aim to create business opportunities and long-lasting connections.

We’re proud to be Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) certified. Recognized by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, this is a reflection of the positive relationships we’re building with Indigenous businesses and communities.

Check out how we’re encouraging Indigenous participation in our supply chain:

  • We’ve created an Indigenous Procurement Standard that guides us in all our projects, both now and in the future.
  • As of 2023, we marked a 15.5% Indigenous procurement rate, adding up to a total of $94 million in contracts with Indigenous businesses in Saskatchewan.
  • Whenever businesses want to work with us on projects, we make sure at least 5% of the work involves Indigenous people or businesses. In our recent projects using natural resources, we made it a rule that at least 10% of the project should be owned by Indigenous people.
  • Indigenous communities play a crucial role in maintaining and building power infrastructure. This includes managing vegetation management, wood pole remediation and construction projects.  

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Creating More Opportunities for Women

We’re focused on building a diverse supply chain. And this means creating opportunities for women entrepreneurs in our procurement practices. 

Check out how we’re encouraging women-owned business participation in our supply chain:

  • We’ve partnered with Women Entrepreneurs Saskatchewan (WESK) to become a Crown Corporation Charter Champion. This partnership means we’re committed to advancing women entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan. We’ll also actively look for opportunities to do so.
  • We assess business for women-ownership in our procurement process. Being a women-owned business can increase a bid’s score by 2.5%.  
  • As of 2024, we’ll need women-owned businesses to certify through Women Business Enterprises (WBE) Canada to receive evaluation benefits. 
  • We organize supplier outreach events, onboarding and mentoring for women-owned businesses. This includes women ownership in our procurement evaluation process. 
  • Our corporate target is to have 1% of total spend used with women-owned businesses. In the first year of the program, we’ve achieved a total of 3.2%.

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Ready to Get Started?

We invite all diverse suppliers, including local businesses and Indigenous partners, to join us on this journey of inclusivity and growth. Your unique perspective and talents are valuable. And we’re dedicated to providing you with the support and opportunities you deserve. 

Check out our current supply opportunities below:

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