Power Bill

Whether you’re reading your residential, farm or business power bill, these billing examples explain each section of your bill in easy-to-understand terms.

Section of a Residential Power Bill

What you paid on your last bill. If you owe money from your previous bill it shows here.

Section of a Residential Power Bill

Your meter reading for this month and last month. The difference between the two is the amount of power you used (in kilowatt hours).

This section also tells you whether an actual read of your meter or an estimate is being used.

Section of a Residential Power Bill

We calculate how much you will pay for the power you used last month in this section.

All SaskPower customers pay a basic monthly charge based on their rate category, plus a charge for the power they use each month.

Section of a Residential Power Bill

If your city or town collects fees it appears here.

Connection fees and GST and PST charges also appear here.

Section of a Residential Power Bill

Customers on equalized payments pay a set amount toward their power bill all year and have a settle-up bill at the end to match what they paid for power with their use.

Your “Balance forward” from month to month is the unbilled/overbilled amount of power used in your home. “Current Installment Amount” is what you’re paying each month, and “Actual use, current bill” is the amount you owe this month only. The difference between your actual use and balance to be billed is the amount that will be transferred to the balance forward on your next bill.

If you notice that you’re building up a carry-forward balance, give us a call. We can increase your billing amount to avoid a high settle-up bill at the end of the year.

Section of a Residential Power Bill

This section shows the amount you pay for the Federal Carbon Tax. This is calculated based on how much power you use. See saskpower.com/federalcarbontax for more information.



Farms can be billed either monthly or quarterly.


You can choose to receive either three quarterly estimated bills and one annual read bill, or 11 monthly estimated bills and one annual read bill.

Your monthly electricity use is estimated based on historical use. Any difference between your actual power use and estimated billing will appear on your annual bill.


Customers on acreages are billed monthly. You receive a monthly rural residential bill and have the same payment options as all residential customers.


Wondering how a demand charge is applied? Find out using the example bills below.

Net Metering

Residential, farm and business customers can also be enrolled in SaskPower’s Net Metering program. Need help understanding your Net Metering bill? Follow the links below to learn more. 

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