We sell space on our transmission lines to transfer electricity into, out of and through the province of Saskatchewan. We’re interconnected to Manitoba, Alberta and North Dakota. Companies interested in purchasing transmission space from SaskPower should examine the Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT). The OATT sets out the rates, terms and conditions on how we conduct business with our transmission customers.

We administer our OATT in a fair and equitable way. We won’t give unfair preference to any customer relating to the sale or purchase of transmission service. We follow the Standards of Conduct Policy, designed to prevent SaskPower employees from giving preferential treatment to marketing function employees when selling wholesale transmission service under the OATT.

Open Access Transmission Service Eligibility

The OATT applies to:

  • Wholesale power suppliers who want to transfer electricity into, out of and through the province of Saskatchewan;
  • The City of Saskatoon and the City of Swift Current, which can purchase electricity from suppliers other than SaskPower; and
  • Independent power producers that are interested in connecting to SaskPower’s transmission system to sell electricity to the City of Saskatoon and the City of Swift Current, or export electricity outside of Saskatchewan’s borders.

Tariff Services

Our Tariff Services department is responsible for the management of the terms under the OATT. It assists customers in purchasing transmission capacity under the OATT and assists independent power producers with applications to interconnect to SaskPower’s transmission system for the purpose of selling their electricity to a company other than SaskPower.

If you are interested in becoming a SaskPower OATT customer, the first step is to complete the OATT Customer Eligibility Application.

Contact Us

Tariff Services is the primary contact for all OATT requests and inquiries. Please contact a Tariff Services Specialist with your inquiry/request by phone, email or written correspondence regarding:

  • OATT Application, Settlements and Billing
  • Short-term firm and non-firm service
  • Long-term firm service 

Email: transmissionservice@saskpower.com

Written correspondence can be sent to the above contacts at:

SaskPower Tariff Services
2025 Victoria Avenue
Regina, SK S4P 0s1

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