At SaskPower, safety is one of our values. We expect all employees – including our contractors – to adopt the mindset that nothing is so important that it cannot be done safely.

We require all our contractors to comply with applicable laws, regulations, bylaws, rules and standards at any SaskPower facility or worksite. As a contractor, you and your employees are required to familiarize yourself with SaskPower’s health and safety policies, standards, forms and checklists. This section contains the resources you’ll need.

Contractor Handbook

The objectives of the handbook are to supplement contractor orientation and provide a resource for maintaining the health and safety of SaskPower contractors.

Safety and Environment Rulebook

The Safety and Environment Rulebook provides an overview of health, safety and environmental requirements. SaskPower employees and contractors are required to abide by all applicable rules set out in the Rulebook.

Standard Protection Code

The Standard Protection Code is SaskPower’s documented lockout procedure as required by provincial occupational health and safety legislation.

Mitigation Plans

Health and Safety Policies and Standards

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